The headless horseman

This drawing is inspired by Pierre Lombard’s Headless Horseman,
which was inspired by a painting by Van Dyck, The story of the engraving
is a strange one since the head of the horseman was erased
and recreated many times by more than one artists. From Oliver
Cromwell to Louis XIV to Oliver Cromwell to Charles I and finally to
Cromwell. At this time of my research, I was and still am drawn to
iconoclasm as a concept and as an action. Iconoclasm is a violent
way of defacement that is tied to power, political, financial, religious
etc. And I was fascinated with all the junctures that made the artist
change the main hero of his engraving. I decided to inspire not by
the final outcome of this piece but rather the necessity of the artist
that had to change the head, his action of erasing, the iconoclastic
and defacing gesture that now is seen at my drawing as the final outcome,
and crystallizes the moment of turning power from
one to another. The servant has been neglected purposely as a sardonic
humoristic reminder of a strict sociological hierarchy even
though sometimes all seem possible, even the servant becoming the