The Escaping Artist series started in an academic environment and the moment that triggered an impulse of disappearing was a tedious and boring circumstance that I wanted to avoid. I couldn’t shake it out, I started thinking what if I do what I want? It feels like when someone doesn’t act out of self-restraint, a person always looks back at that precise moment again and again with remorse. And then the what ‘if’s’ starts popping in your head. You  start to wonder how events would have transpired if you actually did whatyou had in mind. And then you think about your situation. What is expected
of me, especially as an artist and at that time as a postgraduate student We are expected to participate in round tables discussions, talk about our work, write essays and sometimes it feels like avoiding these situations (although I appreciate these tools), could save a lot of effort and discomfort. But on the other hand, acting this way in an academic environment disrupts the given hierarchy so every action has a reaction.                                                  ︎  ︎

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