The Discreet Artist is a series which proves that you can be at the center  of attention but still remain concealed and elusive. It is for people that are introverted yet exhibitionists.

    This photographic project titled The Discreet Artist has emerged from my performance series The Escaping Artist. Sometimes It is difficult to say where one begins and ends.
    As progressing on my performances, I started building costumes that would allow me to blend with different surroundings. In the spirit of the performances, I use the same strategies to be at the centre of attention and at the same time avoiding eye contact or even visibility. Most of the times I am discovered by over-enthusiastic dogs barking at me but that runs with the work hazard.
    Plato, with his story about Gyges ring (a ring that grants invisibility), questions morality and suggests that people act in a decent manner only when they are seen when they are observed. Trying to avoid that, I interpret Plato’s the critique of morality in a loose way as what is the right thing to do, what is the right thing to behave. My ring of Gyges is a cheap plastic one that only grants the illusion of invisibility, my superpower as an anti-hero is to pretend not to be noticed