This manual is an ongoing project consisted of pencil and ink drawings and works as a guideline on
how to avoid social circumstances etc. It has been distributed alongside my performance piece The Escaping Artist' @Biennale of Thessaloniki (Edition of 125)
    I am tempted to present these performances as a guideline, a manual on escaping, this is why I
decided to create this side project. Advise on how to avoid situations that are tedious and boring,
awkward, unsatisfying, unpleasant and stressful. Do you have to be present at an awkward family
dinner? Are you obliged to attend a boring wedding? Make a presentation? Go to a party out of
obligation? Having a conversation with a person you dislike? Are you just bored? The applications
are countless.
    Why daydream, drift or seek escapism, when you can actually escape? Why want to be a Hero when
you can be an antihero? The process might seem silly, but the satisfaction when we leave an
unwanted situation is given. Therefore, I feel obliged to spread my knowledge that came from
experience and present a solid plan on how to reach the wanted outcome using visual examples.