Repetition is Mother of All Learning

This project is a follow-up on the Left-handed drawings of people who are right. The problem that arose in the previous project was that the longer I worked with the left hand, the better it got. It started to obey my brain commandsand drawing became easier and easier.
I decided I had to exploit my recently acquired abilities and create a series that will let me play with the concept of this gradually earned easiness of my left hand. But why Hitler? The title Repetition is the mother of all learning literally refers to the way I trained my left hand to keep getting better and better. But it holds a high irony. A hidden joke. And sometimes jokes are the best way to speak about deadly serious matters. Dragging Hitler’s face from the past, drawing it gradually in a more realistic way hides a great antithesis with the title of the project. Does humanity learn from past mistakes?
Unfortunately, this is not the case. The final conclusion of this project, the best drawing technically wise is the most appalling.
This reaction became obvious when I offered hand-made buttons with the drawings printed on them as souvenirs.