The Left-Handed Drawings of People who are Right 

The Left-Handed Drawings of People who are Right is a continuation
of my research on iconoclasm/defacement. The rules of this project
are simple. Draw a portrait of a dictator using my left hand while being
right handed and accept the outcome no matter how bad it looks.
The worse the better in this case. The title by itself is a word play on
left and right, a dipole that is used not only to underline two opposite
directions but the notion of them that is crystallized in our collective
consciousness. It also refers to using the left hand to draw, while I am
a right-handed person. And the last part applies to people that have
ultimate power over their subjects, as they are the ones that are right
as in the “truth”. It also implies the relationship between artists and
power historically and the power that art holds. I find myself critical of
the tradition of historical portraits and their power, and in a way, I try to
deconstruct this pictorial tradition. I smear the legacy of the people I